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Greetings from this Website Author -

Oren A. Johnson, Jr.     

(grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edwards).

Thank you for visiting this W. J. Edwards Family website.

Invaluable website construction assistance was received from A. Maxine Johnson (my mother) and James Johnson (my brother). Other assistance from numerous relatives, individuals and organizations has also helped to make this website possible and is appreciated.

A work such as this can't ever be fully perfected. But, we will continually try to improve the site. Please email me with any recommendations for improvements. My email address is: OrenOJ@aol.com

Immediately to the right are websites produced for and about other Edwards family members. As your Edwards Family website is produced, please send me the website address so that I can add it to the list of official Edwards Family websites. The goal is to have many websites that we can refer to throughout the years and use as educational tools for all concerned.

When we meet for our 2009 reunion, we should have many websites that begin to tell the entire Edwards Family story.


Oren Johnson




Lee P. Brown, the former mayor of Houston is discussed on the following website:



For information about J.D. Edwards and the black exodus from Oklahoma to Canada visit the following website:






We are many names,

but one family!